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What other activities are you planning this week at the art fair?

Tomorrow I will be doing the Art Takeover at the Fontainebleau Hotel and we'll open a gallery in the hotel at 6pm. Then I will be collaborating with Philipp Plein on a capsule collection. I'm wearing a t-shirt from that collection. Tomorrow, the capsule collection opens. And then I will have a party in Liv Nightclub. Last but not least, I'm working with Helmut Newton. He is an amazing photographer. I painted on some of his pictures.

It's an American dream to go from graffiti artist and become a celebrity. When did your career change?

It happened slowly, after working hard. It didn't happen in a single moment. After my first art exhibition, when people began to realize that I was not just a graffiti-artist, but also did canvas work, that moment was big.Panerai Ferrari Replica Signing with Panerai Ferrari Replica, was also a big moment for me.

How has TAG's collaboration helped you?

My work was certified. It's an incredible thing to work with a Swiss brand like Panerai Ferrari Replica.

What is your secret to success?

I have an insane work ethic. People who know me well know that I work in the studio almost every day.omega replica watches I am very committed to my passion and always in the studio.

What is your idea of a typical day at work, if such a thing exists?

I exercise around 9am. I might go skateboarding, surfing, to the gym, or boxing for an hour. Then I head to the studio, and I spend the day there until around 7-8pm. I then go home. Sometimes I nap, and sometimes I paint on the street at 3 am.